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Código da Operação:

Acrónimo: FREEDAM

Referência: PTDC/ECM-EST/3711/2014

Título: Free from Damage Connections

Área Científica: Construção metálica e mista

Síntese do Projeto: The project FREEDAM addresses the development of a new design strategy whose goal is the design of steel beam-to-column connections able to withstand the rotation demands due to seismic events without any damage, namely “FREE From DAMage Connections”. This project complements a three years European Project funded for 60 % by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel starting in July 2015 where both Portuguese partners participate. In line with FCT policy of complementing European funding, this project applies for the remaining 40%, focused on the tasks of the Portuguese partners. The project is in line with ENEI (Portuguese strategy for research and Innovation for an intelligent specialization 2014-2020) prepared by the Portuguese Government and the corresponding Regional Strategy for the Center of Portugal – RIS3, namely with respect to the first innovation platform: SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS.
Such innovative beam-to-column connections are equipped with friction dampers which are located at the bottom flange level of the connected beam to dissipate the earthquake input energy. The friction resistance is calibrated by acting on the number and diameter of bolts and their tightening torque governing the preloading. The flexural resistance of the connection results from the product between the damper friction resistance and the lever arm.

Investigador Responsável: Doutor Luís Simões da Silva

Programa de Financiamento: PT2020 – SAICT –PTDC/ICDT

Instituição Financiadora: FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Data de início: 01-01-2016

Data de conclusão: 01-07-2019

Instituições participantes no Projeto: Universidade de Coimbra (coordenador), O Feliz - Metalomecânica, S.A.

Custo total elegível (EUR): 142.372,00€

Apoio financeiro da UE: 116851,40€

Apoio financeiro público nacional: 15.108,60 €

Técnico do Projeto: Marta Mateus

Contacto: 239247020