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Casa da Lusofonia - International Student Lounge

Office hours and contacts

Office hours

Monday to Friday from 09h30 to 17h30

Attendance hours

Monday to Friday

Incoming Students:   09:30 to 14:00

Outgoing Students:   13:00 to 17:30

Researchers: appointment scheduled by email to dri.cm@uc.pt

Closing times during 2017

  • Easter break: 12, 13 and 17 April
  • "Queima das Fitas" student festivity: 8 until 12 May
  • Summer break: 1 until 15 August (by Rector's decision)
  • Christmas break: 26 until 29 December


Rua do Arco da Traição
3000-056 COIMBRA

Front-Office of the International Relations Unit

This Front-Office provides face-to-face, customized assistance at Casa da Lusofonia. If you would like to contact the International Relations Unit electronically, please send a message to dri@uc.pt.

Student Unions at Casa da Lusofonia

Angola Students’ Union in Coimbra

E-mail: angola@casadalusofonia.uc.pt

Brazilian Researchers and Students’ Union in Coimbra
E-mail: brasil@casadalusofonia.uc.pt

Cape Verde Students’ Union in Coimbra
E-mail: caboverde@casadalusofonia.uc.pt

Guinea-Bissau Students’ Union in Coimbra
E-mail: guinebissau@casadalusofonia.uc.pt

Mozambique Students' Union in Coimbra
Email: mocambique@casadalusofonia.uc.pt

Sao Tome Students’ Union in Coimbra
Email: saotomeeprincipe@casadalusofonia.uc.pt

Timor Students’ Union in Coimbra
Email: timorleste@casadalusofonia.uc.pt