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EfS Experiences | Lecturer/Researcher | Patrícia Pereira da Silva

Publication date: 09-04-2013 16:12




My background is on Business Administration and Finance. This fact might be seen by some, at a first glance, as an unexpected curriculum for a faculty member associated to the Energy for Sustainability Initiative. Yet, the days when the energy sector was only studied from an engineering or exact science perspective are far behind. The liberalization process and the continuously transforming organization of the energy industry, societal concerns and the increasing awareness on the importance of competitiveness, have raised new important challenges to be studied by (and with) other scientific fields, namely business administration or economics. It is, thus, a great pleasure, and also a challenge, for me to be part of such an Initiative. The contact with students and other faculty members with so different experiences from my own has proved to be an added value for my research activity and personal growth. I believe that interchanging knowledge among people with backgrounds such as business administration, economics, architecture, and engineering will contribute to disseminate new ideas towards a more sustainable society.