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EfS Experiences | Lecturer/Researcher | Luís Cruz

Publication date: 09-07-2013 09:00




Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra; Researcher at GEMF / FEUC

I have the pleasure of being cooperating with the Energy for Sustainability (EfS) Initiative of the University of Coimbra since its beginning, and this has been enriching my academic and research profiles.

For some years I have helped coordinating the Initiative’s committee in charge of communication, which has provided me a grateful experience, especially regarding the participation in the processes to define and implement strategies for worldwide search and attraction of students to the Master and PHD programs.

Co-lecturing the Environmental Economics course, both to Master and PhD students, has been extraordinarily exciting, as their heterogeneous background makes continuously challenging to explain and explore with them several themes. Indeed, as the majority of the students has no background in economics, I have been feeling that the reward is bidirectional: often we are opening to them the awareness on how can we assess a particular issue from an economic perspective and students are enthusiastic with the course; and, simultaneously, my knowledge and experience is certainly becoming enhanced with the sharing of the multiple contributes and perspectives that each student, from different fields of study, brings to the discussion when approaching specific issues. This is also true with the supervision experience, both with essays incorporated in the course’s evaluation process, and with Master and PhD thesis.

This genuine multidisciplinary environment has also been noteworthy regarding the participation in a number of research projects and contracts with the industry, which only become possible as result of the cooperation among faculty and researchers coming from different scientific areas and several research units.