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Iniciativa Energia para a Sustentabilidade | 10 Anos 2006-16



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Ongoing Projects
IMMO - Install, Monitor and Multi-OtimizationP2020/Centro 2020/ FEDERINESCC, ISA2015-17
Consulting in the Plan for the Promotion of End-Use EfficiencyEDPINESCC, ISR2016-18
Ren4EEnIEQ - Comprehensive BIM add-on tool for the improvement of energy efficiency and indoor environment quality in renovation of buildingsFCT/CompeteADAI, INESCC, CiAUD, faulisboa, fmHulisboa, UL, UC, laeta2016-17
PCMs4BuildingsCompete/P2020/EU/FCTADAI, UC, LAETA, CIEPQPF, ISISE2016-19
SusCity - Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitionsFCT (MITP)INESCTEC, IST-ID, FCUL, idmec, LNEG, UC, UM, ADENE, edp distribuição, MIT, CML, IBM, iTds, R&D NESTER, NOVABASE2015-17
PAVENERGY – Pavement Energy Harvest Solutions  Centro 2020UC2016-19
CENTAUR – Cost Effective Neural Technique for Alleviation of Urban Flood RiskH2020Universidade de Sheffield, Universidade de Coimbra/Mare2015-
BioHeavy - Extended “well-to-wheels” assessment of biodiesel for heavy transport vehiclesCOMPETE/QREN/EU/FCTADAI, INESCC, LAETA2012-16
SW – Smart WindowADI-QRENADAI-
INOVENERGY - Energy Efficiency on the Agro-Industrial SectorCompete/QREN/EUIPBC ,UBI, ISQ, IPB, ADAI, IPVC, IPP, AnimaForum
SmartCoimbraCoimbra Municipality, UC2012-..

Concluded projects
Consulting in the Plan for the Promotion of End-Use EfficiencyEDPINESCC, ISR2015
EMSURE - Energy and Mobility for SUstainable REgionsMais Centro/QREN/EUADAI, CES, CGeo, CISUC, CICC, ITeCons, CIEC, CIEPQPF, GEMF, CMA-IMAR, INESCC, IPCDVS, ISR2013-15
GerAPlanO - Automated generation of Floor plan designs with thermal performance optimizationCompete/QREN/EUUC, VisioArq, CiberBit, WSBP2014-15
Energy Box – Development and implementation of a demand-responsive energy management systemFCT / MIT-Portugal ProgramINESCC, IPCDVS, MIT2010-14
EcoDeep – Eco-efficiency and Eco-management in Agro-industryCOMPETE/QREN/EU/FCTIPC, IPCB, UA, ADAI, UTAD, IPB2011-13
3Es – Energy Efficient SchoolsTeixeira Duarte S.ATDGI S.A., ADAI, GEMF, INESCC2012-14
GALP-Fuels Implementation of methodologies to evaluate the performance of fuelsPetrogal, ADAI2012-14
GROUND-MED - Advanced ground source heat pump systems for heating and cooling in Mediterranean climateEU-FP7ISR2009-14
Improving Dwellings by Enhancing Actions on Labelling of the EPBDIDEAL EPBD - ECISR2008-11
BioTrans - Capturing Uncertainty in Biofuels for Transportation. Resolving Environmental Performance and Enabling Improved UseCOMPETE/QREN/EU/FCTADAI-LAETA, INESC, MIT2010-13
Consulting site ECO EDPEDPINESCC, ISR..
EESEVS - Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Electric Vehicle SystemsFCT / MIT-Portugal ProgramINESCC, ADAI, ISR, MIT2010-13
iTEAM – Integrated Transportation and Energy Activity-Based ModelFCT / MIT-Portugal ProgramFCTUC, IST, FEUP, MIT2009-12
Contribution of Thermal Active Mortars for Building Energy EfficiencyFCTUM, ITeCons, BASF, SM, SIVAL, UA2008-13
MODERN - MObility, Development and Energy use ReductioNCIVITAS PLUS programmeISR2009-13
PTDC/ENR/64971/2006 - Multiobjective Models for Energy Efficiency EvaluationFCTINESCC2007-10
SB – Sustainable Buildings, Development of a WeB-based Monitoring Tool for Energy Consumption and Indoor Environmental QualityQRENWSBP, ADAI2010-12
Thermal characterization of building elements using thermography – computational modeling and experimental approachFCTUC, ITeCons, FEUP2011-13