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Iniciativa Energia para a Sustentabilidade | 10 Anos 2006-16

Teses de Doutoramento

Trabalhos em curso

How social capital at the regenerative neighborhood level can inform net positive energy design?Lurian Pires KleinCarlos Henggeler Antunes; Marta Reis Lopes2015
Integration of Photovoltaic Systems, Energy Storage and Load Shifting to increase the generation and consumption matching in buildings Zuleika Hoyos Cruz Pedro Moura 2015

Methodological tools for studying urban morphologies concerning the design of nearly zero-energy districtsAna Rita AmaralAdélio Gaspar; Álvaro Gomes2014
Compressed Air Energy Storage Potential in Portugal and its Economic AnalysisCatarina MatosPatrícia Silva2014
Energy Efficiency Investments in the Utilities of the FutureGuillermo PereiraPatrícia Silva2014
Design, modelling, construction and full experimental characterization of a gas-fired heat-exchanger for an micro-chp system based on an organic rankine cycleJoão PereiraJosé Baranda Ribeiro2014
Energy management in climate sensitive new portuguese NZEBMaria GomesM. Gameiro da Silva2014
Typical domestic load curves in portugalMaria Graça RibeiroHumberto Jorge2014
Community based distributed energy generation – Renewable energy cooperatives and other citizens power initiativesNikola SahovicPatrícia Silva2014
The development of the model to combine the PV roof-top Systems and EVs used in PortugalRoham TorabikalakiÁlvaro Gomes2014
Load Management and Demand Response in Small and Medium Data CentersThiago VasquesPedro Moura2014

Economic impacts of disasters: a regional input-output analysisAndré da Cruz ParreiralPedro Ramos2013
Optimization of indoor comfort and energy consumption in buildings integrating hybrid ventilationBehrang ChenariM. Gameiro da Silva2013
Proposal of guideline elements dedicated to a central tower solar energy facilitiesDanyela Samaniego RasconM. Gameiro da Silva2013
The application of ICB as external thermal insulating composite system. An experimental and numerical studyMaria Moreira FinoAntónio Tadeu; Nuno Simões2013
Integrated cost and environmental life-cycle assessment of nearly zero energy building components and technical solutions for improving energy performanceShiva SaadatianFausto Freire; Nuno Simões2013
Energy economy, climate models analysis for market transformation in energy efficiencyVivek SinghAntónio Gomes Martins; Carla Henriques2013

Optimization of building envelope in healthcare buildings towards better indoor environmental quality and energy performanceMiguel OlivaJ. Raimundo Mendes da Silva2012
Economic Modeling of Energy Production and Consumption: the contribution of the electricity sectorAna PimentelP. Ramos; A. Sargento; E. Barata2012
Climate Responsive Building Skin: development and physical behaviour of Green Roofs and FacadesRicardo AlmeidaA. Tadeu; N. Simões2012
Integrating Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Life-Cycle Sustainability AssessmentChongyang DuL. Dias; F. Freire2012
Consumer preference model for electric vehicles: a dynamic analysisGabriela OliveiraL. Dias2011
Desenvolvimento Urbano SustentávelJoana Bastos

F. Freire, S.


Dynamic Thermal Behavior of Linear Thermal Bridges of buildings - Nemerical and Experimental SimulationJoana PrataA. Tadeu, N. Simões2011
Multi-Objective Control of the Indoor Climate ou Maintaining Healthy Indoor Environments in Energy Efficient RetrofitsJoão CarrilhoM. Gameiro da Silva2011
The  analysis of the effects of additives on working parameters of diesel based enginesMohammadhossein GhodsiradM. Gameiro da Silva; A. Portugal2011

Energy Box - development and implementation of a demand-responsive energy management systemAndreia CarreiroH. Jorge, C. Henggeler Antunes2010
Decision support in energy performance assessment of school buildingsHermano BernardoC. Henggeler Antunes, A. Gaspar
Retrofitting opportunities for buildings in historical centers: balancing energy efficiency, sustainability and comfortNelson da Silva BritoA. Bandeirinha, M.C. Gameiro da Silva2009

Teses defendidas

Natural Ventilation in Old Buildings: recommendations for its improvementAtefeh SalehiM. Torres; A. RamosMaio|2017
Integrating life cycle assessment and energy building simulation to  improve residential buildings’ performanceHelena MonteiroF. FreireMaio|2017
Use of thermography in assessing hygrothermal performance of building elements Catarina Serra António Tadeu, Nuno Simões Março|2017
Main determinants and dynamic behaviour of prices in power exchanges Nuno Figueiredo Patrícia Silva Março|2017
Sustainability Assessment Of Buildings Retrofit: An Integrated Life-Cycle Approach Carla RodriguesFausto Freire Março|2017
Blending Optimization of biodiesel produced with waste and virgin oils Carla Caldeira Fausto Freire Janeiro|2017
Integrated Management of Residential Energy Resources: Models, Algorithms and ApplicationAna SoaresC. Henggeler Antunes, A. Oliveira GomesJulho|2016
How commuting influences urban economies and the environment: a commuting satellite account applied to the Lisbon Metropolitan AreaJoão P. FerreiraP. Nogueira Ramos, L.CruzJunho|2016
Simulation of Large Scale Application of Automatic Load Management Systems (ALMS) for Households in the Portuguese Electric GridPedro MiguelA. Gomes Martins, L. NevesMaio|2016
Feasibility Study of a Stationary Urban Distributed Energy Storage SystemJosé GonçalvesA. Gomes Martins, L. NevesMaio|2016
Dynamic fleet-based life-cycle assessment: addressing environmental consequences of the introduction of electric vehicles in PortugalRita GarciaF. FreireMarço|2016
Energy efficiency plans for schoolsLuísa DiasM. Gameiro da SilvaFevereiro|2016
Modelling end-use energy behaviour change in buildings towards energy efficiencyMarta LopesC. Henggeler Antunes, N. MartinsJaneiro|2016
A hybrid input-output multi-objective model to assess economic-energy-environment trade-offs: an application to brazil and prospective sugarcane bioethanol technologiesAriovaldo CarvalhoFausto Freire, C. HenggelerJaneiro|2016
Thermal energy storage with phase change materials (pcms) for the improvement of the energy performance of buildingsNelson Lopes SoaresJosé J. Costa, A. Gaspar, P. SantosDezembro|2015
Thermal energy storage control for air conditioning systems based on ground source heat pumpAnabela CarvalhoA. Traça de Almeida, J.J. CostaJulho|2015
Economic Evaluation of Emerging Biofuel Technologies: the microalgae case studyLauro RibeiroP. Pereira da SilvaFevereiro|2015
Life cycle optimization model for integrated cogeneration and photovoltaic systemsAmir SafaeiC. Henggeler Antunes, F. FreireNovembro|2014
Automated Floor Plan Design: Generation, Simulation, and OptimizationEugénio RodriguesA. Gaspar, Á. GomesJulho|2014
Environmental sustainable assessment of bioenergy: A life cycle multi-criteria decision-support approachÉrica Geraldes CastanheiraF. FreireJunho|2014
A Retrofit Decision Support Approach for Improving Energy Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality in BuildingsEhsan AsadiM.C. Gameiro da Silva, C. Henggeler Antunes, L. DiasNovembro|2013
Energy and exergy assessments for an enhanced use of energy in buildingsPedro GonçalvesA. Gaspar, M.C. Gameiro da SilvaNovembro|2013