University, Judicial and European Court

A research Unit

Jardim Botânico Jardim Botânico - Estufa Jardim Botânico ERASMUS Polo II Polo II Távora Departamento de Engenharia Civil

As a University Court, it will gather knowledge and skills from several Faculties:

The Faculty of Law, because this Faculty prepares lawyers and has contributed until now to supply the judicial services with competent legal staff.

The Faculty of Economy, because this Faculty, through the Social Sciences Centre and the Permanent Observatory of Justice, has prepared important studies on the state of justice in Portugal.

The Faculty of Medicine, because this Faculty, through the Legal Medical Institute, holds the knowledge on legal medicine.

The Faculty of Sciences and Technology, because this Faculty, through the Department of Informatics and Engineering can contribute to support the justice services in the innovation and knowledge society.

The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (FPCEUC) because this Faculty has two courses (psychology and social service) and professors with skills and experience to help justice administration (namely children)

It is, in sum, an important Court for the new form of teaching and mainly of learning (and, in some way, learning by doing -- as is pointed in the modern research and European directives).