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2014/2015 Academic Calendar

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Instruction and grading periods

1st Semester Start End
Classes 15.09.2014 20.12.2014
Christmas Holiday 21.12.2014 04.01.2015
Exams (normal and recourse) 05.01.2015 07.02.2015
Defense of Master's thesis/project/internship report 05.01.2015 21.02.2015
2nd Semester Start End
Classes 09.02.2015 02.06.2015
Easter Holiday 30.03.2015 06 .04.2015
No classes (Queima das Fitas) 11.05.2015 17.05.2015
Exams (normal, recourse and special) 03.06.2015 27.07.2015
Defense of Master's thesis/project/internship report 01.06.2015 30.07.2015
Summer Holiday 01.08.2015 31.08.2015
Defense(1) of Master's thesis/project/internship report (special period) 01.09.2015 30.09.2015
Exception Exams (2) October and March  
Doctoral and Tenure Evaluations(3) 01.09.2013 31.07.2014
  • (1)The period from 1 September - 30 September, considered a special period, is reserved for the defense of Master's Thesis/Project/Internship Report.
  • (2)The October and March exception periods are reserved exclusively for evaluation of students with Special Status according to the terms of the respective regulations.
  • (3)May be done outside of this time frame if justified and with approval of the Dean.