Academic Services

Philanthropic Society - Student Ombudsman

What is it?

The Philanthropic-Academic Society of Coimbra is a private law association for public benefit, founded in 1850 under the high patronage of the University. It works jointly with the University and is managed by university professors.

The initiative for establishing this Institution to provide services to students, came from Feliciano Augusto de Brito Correia, from Madeira, while a student at the Faculty of Law.

How does it work?

It serves as a paid mediation service that deals with enrollments, registrations, changes of program, transfers, special candidates, registration for written exams and in the Faculties of Law and Letters, by representing associates and all others that need their assistance, in all matters concerning their relationship with the University:

  • Address: Rua Doutor Guilherme Moreira 14, 3000-210 Coimbra, Portugal
  • Telephone Assistance +351 239 825 743  
  • Mobile +351929051290 
  • Email: sfuc@hotmail.com