Academic Services


Discontinuance from UC

According to article 21 of University Academic Policy, a student may discontinue from all classes until the first tuition payment deadline of each semester, meaning:

  • Until the last day of the first tuition payment deadline: 31 October or
  • Until the last day of the third tuition payment deadline: 31 March.
  • When registration is completed after a tuition payment deadline, the student may discontinue within 15 days and be exempt from remaining tuition payments.

Discontinuance within these time frames releases student from payment of remaining tuition installments. The discontinuance applies to the entire school year or one semester, based on the registration for that school year.


Requests for discontinuance must be done through Academic Management Services, for just as it is necessary to formally apply to the University, it is necessary to formally discontinue. 

Without formal discontinuance, the student will continue to be considered a UC student and subject to tuition and any respective late fees.

  • If the student intends to continue at the same degree level for the following school year, he/she simply registers for classes for that year.


  • The student is exempt from tuition payments due after the discontinuance date.
  • For eligibility purposes, the respective registration doesn't count or counts as half in the case of full year registrations provided the student discontinues before 30 days after the start of the 2nd semester.

Cancellation of enrollment/registration

Cancellation is now a separate action, and can only be done if it meets the general terms and conditions and only in the following circumstances:

  1. Non-payment of tuition.
  2. The program is cancelled.