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Degree programmes for which the international student tuition fee is charged

700 euros per month paid in 10 monthly instalments, totalling 7000 euros per year

Degree programmes for which the international student tuition fee is charged:

  •  Continuity Master Programme»» 

  • These are 2nd cycle degree programmes, which complete and give continuity to the initial bachelor training in the same scientific-technological field of study and confer more relevance to graduates in the labour market. 1st Cycle graduates of UC can enrol and register automatically in these type of masters when they finish their studies.

Note: the tuition fee for international students is also charged to students who apply to the degree programmes listed above via course change, transference or re-admission.
Degree programmes for which the international student tuition fee is not charged:
Tuition fee payment plan

  • The tuition fee is paid in 10 monthly instalments, per academic year.

  • In the 1st year, the enrolment and registration is only confirmed after a single payment corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the tuition fee (3 monthly instalments), plus the amount of the enrolment and registration fee.

  • In the case of the international students selected in the first call for applications to course change, transference and re-admission and to continuity master degree programmes, the first three instalments (700 € x 3) shall be paid before enrollment. These instalments are subject to interest rates if students fail to pay in due time. These interest rates are automatically added to the enrolment and registration fee (please contact if you have any doubt).

  • The remaining 7 monthly instalments can be paid at once or until the last month to which they correspond, being subject to interest rates in the case of failure to pay in due time; the 4th monthly instalment is paid in September, the 5th in October and so forth until the 10th monthly instalment, paid in March, or in the relevant month if the start of the study period did not occur in September.