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The promotion of personalized cultural and editorial activities is one of the objectives of the Archive of the University of Coimbra.
In order to pursue this objective, included in the statutes of the University of Coimbra, the AUC promotes the following activities:

a) The publication of works of a historical or archival nature relating to the Archive’s stocks, or other work in some way related to these topics, such as guides, inventories, catalogues, indexes, historic documental sources or others.

b) The organization of documental exhibitions and edition of catalogues, based on the Archive’s resources and stocks, without, however, excluding other hypothesis of external collaboration or interchange with diverse institutions, specially with those of a cultural nature.

c) The promotion of scientific and cultural activities such as colloquiums, conferences, field trips, debates or talks.

d) The support of seminars organized within the 1st and 2nd cycles of the faculties.

e) The organisation of post-graduate training.

f) The promotion of training posts within the scope of protocols established with the Vocational Opportunities’ Office.

g) The organisation of short term training posts (curricular internship).

h) The promotion of the Annual Programme for the Occupation of Free Time in collaboration with the Youth Institute.

i) The encouragement of documental research through the annual award “A Arte de Ler” (The Art of Reading).

j) Increment of partnerships with companies and other public and private institutions, whose documentation is filed in the AUC, with the aim of promoting these documents through the organisation of exhibitions, catalogues and colloquiums.