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The Archive of the University of Coimbra, in its double function as a university and district archive, provides services both for the civil community and to the academic community which go beyond the simple consultation of documents in the Reading Room.

The type of services and the conditions in which these are provided are as follows:

  • Emission of certificates for varied purposes (civil, notarial and judicial registry, as well as other documents relating to the University or District).
  • Copies of documents (photocopies or on CD-ROM).
  • Field trips organised for different groups.
  • Sale of the Archive’s publications and other products.
  • Loan of pieces for exhibitions.
  • Loan of Conference and Exhibition Room for training sessions of a cultural or professional nature (as long as the space available is appropriate for the purposes intended).
  • Specific research services: research, reading and transcription of documents.
  • Inclusions and donations.
  • Reading Room