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The regulation of the General Library of the University of Coimbra (UCBG) was published in the Official Gazette on December 10, 2009, to replace the one approved in plenary session of the University Senate, in 1997 (Official Gazette nr 237, October 13). This former was outdated and in need of adjustment to the new circumstances of the University, and to its Units of Cultural Extension and Support to Education, in a context of change.

Signed by the Rector on November 2 of the same year, the new Regulation of the General Library – BGUC – aimed at creating a new structure:

a) Lighter, integrating the roles developed by BGUC in two major areas, an internal (technical treatment and librarianship), which assures the technical treatment of all kinds of documents, and an external (reading, reference and user support), which includes reading, the relationship with the general public and entities, and the management of the Baroque Library - Biblioteca Joanina;

b) More operational, reducing the Management Board to a Director, and a Managing Board to a team of four members;

c) More open to the community, including an Executive Board composed by external members to the Managing Board;

The new Managing Board of the BGUC includes the Director and the Executive Board, presided by the Associate Director and by the technicians responsible for the Technical Treatment and Librarianship Area - Senior Technician Paula Maria de Avelar Fernandes Martins- and the Reading, Reference and User Support Area – Senior Technician Maria Luísa Mesquita de Sousa Machado.