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Message from the Director

Diretor da BGUC

Dear Readers and Researchers,

The General Library of the University of Coimbra is the biggest and richest University Library in the whole Lusophone world. It is divided in two buildings: the Baroque Library, built in 1782, and the main building, that came into operation in 1962.

Together, the Library holds a huge estate, composed by varied documents such as manuscripts, maps, periodicals and books, some of them of priceless values, close to two million pieces.

Mainly addressed to the academic community, our services include several reading areas (some of them for researchers use only). We also have an interlibrary loan service that allows the reader to access documents that are in other libraries, both national and foreign. Through this service, the books can be requested and read in our library.

In harmony with the University strategy, the General Library is committed to a constant improvement of its procedures in order to make the access of the reader to the documents easier. Therefore, the Library is very interested in receiving improvement suggestions from its users.

In line with the honourable colleagues that have preceded me in this post, I too declare myself heartily determined to maintain and enhance the prestige and efficacy of the institution under my direction. Thereunto, I count on the assistance of a team that works every day within their zeal and competence.

Aware of some circumstantial and structural limitations, but with a profound host sense, I place myself available for whatever is needed, hoping that the Library that you have chosen to work in, may meet your needs and aspirations.

Yours Faithfully,

José Augusto Cardoso Bernardes

(Director of the General Library)