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2nd Cycle /Master degree programmes at UC

We hope that what you find on these pages inspires you to choose from the large variety of 2nd cycle programmes we have to offer. Programmes at the University of Coimbra are offered by ten education and research units: 8 Faculties, the College of Arts and the Interdisciplinary Research Centre. These encompass nearly all study fields.

Continuity Master Programmes

These are 2nd cycle degree programmes, which complete and give continuity to the initial bachelor training in the same scientific-technological field of study and confer more relevance to graduates in the labour market. 1st Cycle graduates of UC can enrol and register automatically in these type of masters when they finish their studies.

Advanced Specialisation and Lifelong Learning Master programmes

These are 2nd cycle degree programmes, which provide advanced specialisation training in a scientific-technological field of study that is oriented to scientific research or other professional careers, for instance, teaching of specific disciplines in primary and secondary education levels.

To help make your search easier please select bellow the desired unit to narrow your search to specific topics. This will help you find essential information about available programs, namely application deadlines, number of available spaces and the admissions criteria.


  • Current and former University of Coimbra students are not required to submit a copy of their diploma.
  • Course outlines and hourly course loads are only required by those requesting equivalency credits. These documents are not required if the original program was administered by the Faculty to which you are applying.