Portuguese Applicants (or Equivalent)

Change and transfer of programme

Applicants currently enrolled who have at least attended one semester of higher education at their home university can ask transference to a similar degree programme of the University of Coimbra.

This information applies to first cycle (bachelor) and integrated master degree programmes. On these pages you can find information about pre-requirements, selection criteria and documents needed for your application.

Change of programmes – when students enrol in a different first cycle or integrated master of studies, regardless of whether there has been an interruption of registration. The last enrolment could took place at UC or in another national or international higher education institution.
Transfer of programmes – when students transfer between higher education institutions, as long as they enrol in the same cycle (first cycle or integrated master), regardless of whether there has been an interruption of registration. The higher education institution of origin may be national or international.

How to make my application?


Should you decide to change or transfer programme of study, you have to make a new application for the programme you wish to be registered for. Choose the intended programme and access regime. 

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See the pre-requirement for change of programme:

  1. To have made the required entrance examinations (or equivalent) established for the cycle of studies they are applying to.
  2. Higher Education application grade and grades obtained on the required entrance examinations (or equivalent ones*) higher than those established for the programme.
  • Minimum grade on the required entrance examinations: 95 points (in a grading scale from 0 to 200).
  • Minimum Higher Education application grade: 100 points (in a grading scale from 0 to 200).

*By analyzing the documents provided, the jury can attribute an “equivalent” grade to the entrance examinations’ grade for applicants from foreign higher education systems.

Previous qualifications are not required for transfers.


Make your online application using the university information system.

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Usually, there are three opportunities each year to do your application: 1st, 2nd and 3th call. The first one is normally in March, the second in July and the last call is in September.
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Fill out the application form and attach the requested documents. Note that fields in red are mandatory.


The courses that students undertake in other programme or higher education institution may be credited to the University of Coimbra programme degree. If you intend to ask credit transfer you must submit the request during the application process.


Submit the application. If an error is detected (eg. required fields left blank), the system sends an alert message.


Use the given information to pay the application fee of 50€, non-refundable.

If you’ve encountered any problems while submitting your application you must report them to international-applications@uc.pt until the day after the submission deadline.

The list of accepted applicants can be accessed on Inforestud@nte, in the application section. Don't forget your login details.

Selection criteria

The applications shall be selected considering the following aspects:

  • Similarity between the courses they attended and the one for which they are applying.
  • Nature of the degree they hold.
  • Success rate of the course they attend.


The documents required are the following:

  1. Identification document - ID Card / Citizen Card / Passport.
  2. Certificate - listing all the higher education courses completed, their duration (semester/year) and number of credit units/ECTS.
  3. For national higher education applicants - higher education application history, including high school grades, the grades obtained on the required subjects or on the equivalent national examinations (required) as ENES file or equivalent (mandatory).For foreign higher education applicants - high school grade or equivalent grade (pre-university year) as well as the grade of the required subjects or of an equivalent national examination. If necessary, the jury of the higher education application grade could attribute an equivalent grade based on the courses completed by the applicant in the same scientific area.
  4. Certificate of the syllabus, credits and schedules of the subjects completed (with course outlines and hourly course loads) in a higher education institution.


  • Current and former University of Coimbra students are not required to submit a copy of their diploma.
  • Course outlines and hourly course loads are only required by those requesting equivalency credits. These documents are not required if the original programme was administered by the Faculty to which you are applying.
  • We will accept duly signed and authenticated certificates issued by the highest academic authority of the institution, which can be written in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish.
  • If the certificates are not translated into one of the aforementioned languages, they have to be authenticated by the foreign education system and recognized by the Portuguese diplomatic or consular authority or legalized with the Apostille of the Hague Convention.