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Agents representing University of Coimbra (UC) applicants/students should comply with the following:

1. Act in good faith and fulfill the obligations laid down in the agreement with UC.

2. Contact the UC China Desk concerning student admission and support or any other query about Coimbra and the UC.

3. Keep the UC China Desk informed about any problem that may arise before, during and after students' application and enrolment.

4. Assess and confirm that the applicant is a genuine student who intends to obtain a successful educational outcome at UC and has the language, educational and financial background to have a reasonable chance of achieving this outcome. 

5. Verify all original documents supplied by the student in support of the application and confirm the authenticity and validity of the documents and certified copies (this may also include any documents that the student has been requested to provide to demonstrate financial capacity). 

6. Provide information relating to all fees and living costs and make sure that the applicants understand their obligation to have sufficient funds to pay for health insurance, all tuition fees, associated study costs and all living and travel expenses (transport, food, utilities, rent etc.) for themselves for the entire duration of their stay in Coimbra. Confirm that the applicants have genuine access to the total funds required, while in Coimbra, to cover all travel, health insurance, tuition and living costs for themselves and their family members. 

7. Explain the programme structure to the applicants and confirm that they fully understand the duration of the programme and career opportunities on completion of the programme. 

8. Inform the applicant of the conditions attached to a student visa and that breach of these conditions can lead to visa cancellation. 

9. Inform the applicants about the reasons they may receive a visa refusal. Check if the applicant, or a close relative, have ever had a visa refusal or visa cancellation. If the applicant or a close relative has had a previous visa refusal, or visa cancellation, agents should provide this information to the UC. 

10. Inform the applicant that if they are seeking certification/accreditation of the qualification attained at UC in their home country, it is their responsibility to contact their home or state relevant regulatory authorities. For more information about the procedures, students should visit the website of the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Information: