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Telephone/ mobile phone

To call to your country from Portugal you have to dial 00 and the corresponding international code.

Calls can be made using a phone card you can insert in public telephones or by mobile phone. There are special price plans for different countries.

In Portugal there are several mobile operators such as Vodafone, Optimus, Meo, Zon, Cabovisão. You can easily find one of these in shops inside the shopping centres. You can buy pre or post paid phone cards for your mobile phone or buy a mobile phone with one of those cards. You should look carefully at the price plans offered by each shop to see which is best for your communication needs.

These operators offer also internet and TV services in case you need to acquire these services on your own (for instance if you live outside a university residence or if these services are not provided in the residence).


UC is part of the Eduroam wireless network, which can be used by teachers, students and University staff with an e-mail account of the University of Coimbra or of other institution that is also part of Eduroam. Similarly, the UC users, when visiting an Eduroam institution in Portugal or abroad can access wireless internet without any change in the configuration of their computers.

Learn more at
UC Computer Centre Helpdesk: 239 242870

The free wireless network Coimbra+ can also be used in several city spots: Parque Verde, Portagem-Rua da Sofia, Avenida Sá da Bandeira, Praça da República, Pavilhão Municipal Multidesportos Mário Mexia, Complexo Olímpico das Piscinas Municipais, Casa da Cultura.

Several cafés, restaurants and shopping centres have also free wireless internet connections available. You can also buy portable internet services or devices in most communication and electronic equipment stores.

Post Office Services in Coimbra

Estação Principal dos Correios
Av. Fernão de Magalhães, 223
Tel.: (+351) 239850700