University of Coimbra welcomes Chinese students!

Legal and administrative procedures at arrival

Arrival in Portugal

Non-EU citizens with connecting flights within the Schengen area without borders’ control or arriving in Portugal and failing to register their entrance in Portugal at the Customs’ service at the airport, shall register themselves in Coimbra at the Foreign Office within three working days upon arrival. Failing to do this implies the payment of a fine.

Once in Coimbra, you'll also need to ask for a residence permit at the Foreign Office (called "SEF").

If you need to extend your period of stay, after the end of the temporary residence permit validity, you should book an appointment in advance at the Foreign Office through the contacts available at www.sef.pt. The renewal of the visa should be taken care with at least one month in advance before expiring. If you fail to do this, you'll be illegal and have to pay a fine.

Arrival in Coimbra

After your arrival in Coimbra, you should:

1-Check in at your accommodation and obtain a proof of address
Students staying at a University Residence should go to the Accommodation Office of the Welfare Services of the University of Coimbra at
Rua Oliveira Matos, 27
Office hours: 09h30-17h30
Phone: 239 101 282 | Contact Person: Mrs. Paula Cristina Silva

2- Go to the welcome session organized by the International Relations Unit (DRI) at the Casa da Lusofonia – International Student Lounge (Rua do Arco da Traição, 3001-401 Coimbra)

Please check your email to know the date and time of the session, as well as the documentation that you must bring with you.

3- Ask for a residence permit, within the time-limit of 90 days

  • European Union students should go to the City Hall desk at the Citizen Shop.
  • Students of other nationalities should go to the SEF - Foreign Office (desks at Casa da Lusofonia and Citizen Shop).

Locations and office hours of the above-mentioned desks:
Casa da Lusofonia
Rua do Arco da Traição,
3000-056 Coimbra
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 9h30-13h00 / 14h00-17h30

Loja do Cidadão (Citizen Shop)
Avenida Central 16/18/20,
3000-067 Coimbra
Office hours: Monday to Friday: 8h30-19h30 / Saturday: 9h30 – 15h00

4- Register in the Health Centre
In order to know in which health centre you should register, call 239 796 800 or search in the web at: servicos.min-saude.pt/utente

The health centre is the first contact for health problems that do not require urgent medical treatment.

Learn more about medical assistance and insurance in this page.

5- Obtain a Tax Number (“NIF”)
This tax number (called “NIF” in Portuguese) is necessary for you to open a bank account or buy internet, phone services, etc.

If you already have a residence permit, you can go to:

Serviço de Finanças da Loja do Cidadão (Tax Services of the Citizen Shop)
Avenida Central 16/18/20,
3000-067 Coimbra
Office hours: Monday to Friday: 8h30-19h30 / Saturday: 9h30 – 15h00

If you don’t have a residence permit, you should ask an official address declaration to DRI and go to:

2ª Repartição de Finanças de Coimbra (Tax Services of Coimbra)
Avenida Fernão de Magalhães, 437 – R/C
3000-177 Coimbra
Office hours: Monday to Friday: 9h00-12h30 and 14h00–16h00

6- Open a bank account
In each University campus there is an office of the Santander Totta Bank.

  • This is the bank that issues the student identification cards of UC students;
  • These cards can function also as bank cards if requested by the students.

Learn more at www.uc.pt/en/academicos/cartao

There are other banks in the city near the University, where you can open a bank account.