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Key Facts

Key information for prospective undergraduate students

1. You can apply with your Gaokao, Liankao, A-Level or IB results

The University of Coimbra accepts Chinese students that were evaluated through the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, short form "Gaokao", and through the Higher Education Entrance Examination "Liankao" for students from Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Applicants must have made the Gaokao or the Liankao variant associated with the degree programme to which they want to apply. Some of the degree programmes of the University of Coimbra require scores of the Humanities Stream (wenke), others of the Sciences Stream (like) and a few accept students from either stream.

To be able to apply, students must have at least a score of 60% of the maximum score of their Gaokao or Liankao scale.

Students evaluated through the A-Level General Certificate of Education must have at least one B in the subject(s) associated with their chosen degree programme and two other scores equal or higher than C in other subjects.

Students holding the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme must have a minimum score of 28.2 and apply with at least one or two subjects taken at a higher level (HL) depending on the chosen degree programme.

For further details, please check our webpage.

2. You can choose from a wide range of undergraduate programmes

The University of Coimbra offers undergraduate degree programmes in almost all fields of study for international students. Master and PhD level programmes are also available.

3. Stand out with a degree in Portuguese

Holding a degree in Portuguese from the University of Coimbra is an asset and provides highly valued knowledge and skills for the future in the current context of the economic relations between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries (Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and East Timor). All undergraduate degree programmes are taught in Portuguese.

If you are not proficient in Portuguese (proficiency level below B1) you must follow a Foundation Year Programme in Portuguese Language.

For further information check our application requirements webpage.

4. Live in a safe and beautiful town, study at a world heritage site

Coimbra is a beautiful historical town with 150,000 inhabitants. It offers excellent quality of life, safety, several sport and shopping facilities and reasonable cost of living.

The University was classified in 2013 as World Heritage by UNESCO

Learn more in our Study and Live in Coimbra webpage

5. Apply online

You can apply to the University of Coimbra through an online platform.

Check our application webpage with a step-by-step procedure.