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Check if you have the necessary A-Level admission scores

UC accepts applicants with a secondary education diploma who have done the A-Level exams in 2018 or in the three previous years: 2017, 2016 or 2015.

To be able to apply students must have at least one B in the subject(s) associated with their chosen degree programme and two other scores equal or higher than C in other subjects.

Here is an example of possible combinations of A-Level scores accepted and their equivalent average score in the Portuguese 0-200 scale, to which all scores must be converted:

A-Level scores [A-C]Portuguese scale scores [0-200]
A-A-C 176.66

To learn which are the required admission exams for your chosen undergraduate degree programme check this table.

The evaluation and ranking of the applications take into account the analysis of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and of the A-Level General Certificate of Education. 

The selection process will occur later and will be based on the ranking of the scores, converted to the Portuguese scale, of all international student submitted applications.

Portuguese Language Requirements

Different pathways are available according to the Portuguese language proficiency of applicants:

  1. Students with B2 level proficiency in Portuguese can enrol directly in UC degree programmes.
  2. Students with B1 level proficiency in Portuguese can also enrol directly in UC degree programmes but must follow in parallel the Annual Portuguese Language Course.
  3. Students without B1 level proficiency in Portuguese must enrol in the Foundation Year Programme in Portuguese Language, before the start of the degree programme of their choice in the subsequent academic year.

Further information available on the Additional Application Requirements page.

Special requisites for specific degree programmes

Some degree programmes have specific pre-requisites regarding capacities of functional, physical, sport, interpersonal, and vision nature. See more information on the Additional Application Requirements page.