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Centro de Investigação em Antropologia e Saúde (CIAS)

Research Centre for Anthropology and Health

O principal objectivo do CIAS é a investigação da saúde, doença e bem-estar humanos, numa perspectiva biocultural, nas populações actuais e passadas.
The main goal of CIAS is the study of human health, disease and well-being, in past and living populations, from a biocultural perspective.
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Eventos do CIAS - Próximas Conferências: 

20anosCIAS sessao 2


20anosCIAS sessao 1

Programa Doutoral em Antropologia / PhD in Anthropology

Candidaturas abertas (1.ª fase): 15 de Março - 30 de Abril

Mais informação:

Calendário de candidaturas 2014/2015

Departamento de Ciências da Vida

Programa Doutoral em Antropologia

Papers (2012-2013) / Publicações (2012-2013)


Volume 30 - 2013 - Call for papers

Food, nutrition and culture

The topic for volume 30 of Antropologia Portuguesa will be “Food, Nutrition and Culture”.

“We are what we eat”. Food goes far beyond a daily biological need to obtain energy and nutrients for growth and health. Our food choices are related to social and cultural experiences. What we eat depends on the political, economic and geographic framework of food production. Diet played a fundamental role in human evolution as well as in the social organization of prehistoric societies. Lately there has been a great interest in the understanding of the role of food in the etiology of some modern human chronic diseases.

Antropologia Portuguesa invites submissions of manuscripts on topics such as food and health, growth, evolution of human diet, paleodietary analyses, food and social, cultural and economic factors, social representation of food, food as medicines, food and globalization, symbolic and cognitive aspects of food, food industry and ethic and ecological problems, among others. Manuscripts should be prepared in the form of an article, an interview or a book review, according to the editorial norms and must be submitted through the journal online platform (htpp:// 

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