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The paleodemographic and paleopathological study of the pre-Columbian human remains housed at the Jamaica National Heritage Trust

TB or not TB: using histology to diagnose rib lesions in past human populations

Duration: May 2007‑April 2009
Funding: SSHRC ‑ Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Project: 756‑2007‑0272
Institution: Department of Archaeology, Durham University, UK
Researcher: Tanya von Hunnius Supervisor: Charlotte A. Roberts
Affiliative Researcher: Ana Luísa Santos

Abstract This project aims to develop criteria for the microscopic analysis of human archaeological rib bones affected by TB infections of the lung so that TB can be differentiated from a number of other diseases which also affect the rib bones (e.g., pneumonia, tumours). A documented historical skeletal collection from Portugal (ca. 1904‑1936) has been chosen for said analyses due to accurate and reliable medical information accompanying each burial/individual. By providing a more detailed analysis, a better diagnosis is made, deeper discussions of the broader concepts of epidemiology (e.g., improved estimations of incidence levels and distribution) become possible, and the ability to differentiate between various diseases imparts a better reconstruction of the health of past human populations.

O Hospital-Colónia Rovisco Pais: antropologia e história em contexto

Investigadora responsável do Projecto III/CSH/22/2005
Financiado de 2005 - 2007 pelo Instituto de Investigação Interdisciplinar.
Resumo O projecto pretende colmatar lacunas existentes na investigação antropológica e histórica da lepra em Portugal durante o século XX. O estudo interdisciplinar alicerça-se-á metodologicamente em estratégias paleoantropológicas, etnográficas e historiográficas, gravitando ao redor do Hospital-Colónia Rovisco Pais.

The James Lee Collection

Coordinator Philip Allsworth-Jones, University of the West Indies, Jamaica / Department of Archaeology University of Sheffield, U. K.

Resumo Preparação do inventário e criação de uma base de dados, também disponível em CD-ROM, com o espólio osteológico humano. Estudo paleoantropológico e paleopatológico dos restos, ósseos e dentários, pré-colombianos constituintes da Colecção.

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