ECMI Modelling Week 2015

Venue and accommodation

Students will stay at

The booking will be done by the organizers, in double or triple rooms.

Instructors are free to choose their own accommodation. However, we can book the same hotels with discount.

All hotels are within walking distance of the metro station and the campus.

For other reasonable hotel or bed & breakfast accommodation in Lisbon see Touristic info.

Location at the IST campus

All events in the Modelling Week will take place on the campus Departamento de Matemática (Building 24), Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisboa.

Plenary events take place in a large auditory, the project groups will have seminar rooms on their own.

Wireless internet connection will be also available through eduroam.

For participants, it is recommended to have lunch at the mensa located at the same building. Other mensas in the buldings 1, 2, 20 and 26 are also available.

IST Alameda Campus

Metro map

Metro Map

Getting to Lisbon and the venue

Portela Airport (Lisbon) is an international gateway with flights departing and arriving from almost anywhere in the world and is only 7 km away from the centre of Lisbon, and just a few km from the venue at IST and the hotels nearby. There are good connections from the airport to the area near IST.

  • By metro: There exists a direct underground metro from the station Aeroporto to the station Alameda, near IST. A Viva Viagem card costs 0,50EUR and each single journey costs 1,40EUR.
  • By bus: There exists a bus route, called Aerobus (route 91), providing a fast connection between the airport and Saldanha (tell the driver where you are going), a nearby square near the Institute. The AeroBus leaves every 20m (from 7.00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m.) and it costs more or less 4,00 EUR. For more information visit the Carris web site.
  • By Taxi: Price around 10,00 EUR. A small tip of around 5% is appreciated but not essential.

When arriving by train get off at the station Oriente, from where you can take the underground metro to Alameda, near IST. When arriving by bus, you may get off at terminal in Oriente, or at bus station at Sete Rios. From Sete Rios there are connections by underground metro or suburban train (to Entrecampos near IST).

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