ADG 2014


(provisional) schedule of the Conference

  Wednesday, 9. July Thursday, 10 JulyFriday, 11 July
08:00– 08:30 Registration   
08:30– 09:00 Opening   
09:00– 10:00
Invited Talk 1 Invited Talk 2 Invited Talk 3
10:00– 10:30 CT1 Coffe break Coffe break
10:30– 11:00 Coffe break CT5 CT11
11:00– 11:30 CT2 CT6 CT12
11:30– 12:00 CT3 CT7 CT8
12:00– 12:30 CT4   CT14
12:30– 13:00   closing
13:00– 14:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30– 15:00 Teaching Tiles, Leal Duarte CT13  
15:00– 15:30  CT9  
15:30– 16:00Visit to the Science Museum CT10  
16:00– 16:30 Porto de Honra Coffe break  
16:30– 17:00 Visit to the UC Business Meeting  
17:00– 18:00   
18:00– 19:00 Walk Downtown   
20:00– 22:00 Gala Dinner   
22:00– 22:30 Fados   
Invited Talk 1
Recent advances in real geometric reasoning James Davenport
Invited Talk 2
A generalization of Rabinowitsch’s trick and its applications, Deepak Kapur
Invited Talk 3
Automated theorem proving in dynamic geometry by checking a number of instances, Tomas Recio
Star unfolding polygons, Md. Ashraful Alam and Ileana Streinu
Using small scale automation to improve both accessibility and readability of formal proofs in geometry, Pierre Boutry, Julien Narboux, Pascal Schreck, Gabriel Braunr
A short note about case distinctions in Tarski’s geometry, Pierre Boutry, Julien Narboux, Pascal Schreck, Gabriel Braunr
Discovering Geometric Theorems from Scanned and Photographed Images of Diagrams, Dan Song, Dongming Wang, Xiaoyu Chen
Current Status of the I2GATP common format, Pedro Quaresma, Nuno Baeta
Automated Natural Language Geometry Math Problem Solving by Real Quantier Elimination, Hidenao Iwane, Takuya Matsuzaki, Noriko Arai, Hirokazu Anai
RC-constructibility of problems in Wernick’s list, Pascal Schreck, Pascal Mathis
Using the GröbnerCover Algorithm to Automatically Compute Loci and Envelopes in a 3D Dynamic Geometry Environment. A Prototype Description, Miguel A. Abanades, Francisco Botana, Jesus Escribano
Solving Geometric Construction Problems Supported by Theorem Proving, Vesna Marinkovic, Predrag Janicic, Pascal Schreck
Detecting dependencies in geometric constraint systems, James Farre, Helena Kleinschmidt, Jessica Sidman, Audrey St. John, Stephanie Stark, Louis Theran
Volume frameworks and deformation varieties, Ciprian Borcea and Ileana Streinu
Extension of Simson-Wallace theorem on skew quadrilaterals, Pavel Pech
The portfolio prover in GeoGebra 5, Zoltán Kovács
Some Reflections on Dynamic Geometry Systems (the GUIs for ADG), Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio Roanes-Macías