Portuguese Meeting on Optimal Control 2018

Portuguese Meeting on Optimal Control 2018

Welcome to the Portuguese Meeting on Optimal Control's website.

The Portuguese Meeting on Optimal Control 2018 (EPCO2018) will be held on June 18th 2018, at the Department of Mathematics, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.

EPCO2018 will provide an opportunity to discuss the latest research and developments in optimal control and related fields. It aims to bring together researchers with different perspectives, working in mathematics or related application areas, such as engineering, economics or medicine.

The meeting will cover a broad range of topics, including 

  • Optimal control and optimality conditions
  • Stabilization methods for nonlinear systems
  • Geometric control
  • Model predictive control
  • Differential games
  • Stochastic control
  • Control of PDEs
  • Numerical methods in control
  • Applications of optimal control

The registration is free.
Both theoretical and applied contributions are welcome.
All presentations and documents related to the meeting will be in English. 

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This meeting is financially supported by the Centre for Mathematics of University of Coimbra and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Coimbra (sponsors).