Accepted Papers

  • Walther Neuper. User Guidance Generated from "Computation plus Deduction" - the Learner’s Perspective
  • Wolfgang Schreiner. Computer-Assisted Program Reasoning Based on a Relational Semantics of Programs
  • Cezary Kaliszyk. Formalized Computational Origami in Education
  • Filip Maric, Predrag Janicic, Ivan Petrovic and Danijela Petrovic. Formalization and Implementation of Algebraic Methods in Geometry
  • Francisco Botana and Miguel A. Abanades. Automatic Deduction in Dynamic Geometry using Sage
  • Makarius Wenzel and Burkhart Wolff. Isabelle/PIDE as Platform for Educational Tools
  • Ralph-Johan Back and Johannes Eriksson. Correct-by-construction programming in the Socos environment
  • Guillaume Allais. Coq with power series
  • Vladimir Komendantsky. Packed views of pre-structured data
  • Vanda Santos and Pedro Quaresma. WebGeometryLab
  • Jordi Saludes and Sebastian Xambó. The GF Mathematics Library
  • Serge Autexier, Dominik Dietrich and Marvin Schiller. Cognitive Tutoring in Mathematics based on Assertion Level Reasoning and Proof Strategies