Open Call for Papers
                         Post-proceedings ThEdu'18
            Theorem proving components for Educational software
                             Workshop at FLoC
                     Federated Logic Conference 2018

deadline extension: 30 Nov 2018

THedu'18 Post-proceedings:

  ThEdu's programme comprised seven contributions (see ThEdu's web-page). The ThEdu'17 post-proceedings are open to the to full papers versions of the contributions and also to all those who want to contribute. The contributions' topics are diverse according to ThEdu's scope. All submissions will undergo review according to EPTCS standards.

THedu'18 Scope:

  Computer Theorem Proving is becoming a paradigm as well as a technological base for a new generation of educational software in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The workshop brings together experts in automated deduction with experts in education in order to further clarify the shape of the new software generation and to discuss existing systems.

Topics of interest include:
  • methods of automated deduction applied to checking students' input;
  • methods of automated deduction applied to prove post-conditions for particular problem solutions;
  • combinations of deduction and computation enabling systems to propose next steps;
  • automated provers specific for dynamic geometry systems;
  • proof and proving in mathematics education.
Important Dates:
Call for papers:
23 Jul 2018
2nd call for papers: 10 Sep 2018
Submission (full papers):
18 Nov 2018 30 Nov 2018
Notification of acceptance: 16 Dec 2018
Revised papers due: 
20 Jan 2019

  We welcome submission of papers presenting original unpublished work which is not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

  The authors should comply with the "instructions for authors", LaTeX style files and accept the "Non-exclusive license to distribute" of EPTCS: Instructions for authors (http://info.eptcs.org/)  LaTeX style file and formatting instructions (http://style.eptcs.org/) Copyright (http://copyright.eptcs.org/)

  Papers should be submitted via easychair,  https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=thedu18.

  In case the accepted contributions do not reach the standards of EPTCS in term of number of submission, there will be an alternative mean for the publication, it will be as a tech report at CISUC, https://www.cisuc.uc.pt/techreports.

Program Committee

  Francisco Botana, University of Vigo at Pontevedra, Spain
  Roman Hašek, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic
  Filip Maric, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  Walther Neuper, Graz University of Technology, Austria (co-chair)
  Pavel Pech, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic
  Pedro Quaresma, University of Coimbra, Portugal (co-chair)
  Philippe R. Richard, Université de Montréal, Canada
  Vanda Santos, CISUC, Portugal
  Wolfgang Schreiner, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
  Burkhart Wolff, University Paris-Sud, France