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Education and training: Learning mobility of individuals

The University of Coimbra is part of the Erasmus+ KA1, Learning mobility of individuals, including Higher Education students, teaching and technical staff. This Action provides an opportunity for individuals to improve their skills, increase their employability and gain cultural awareness.

Category: Erasmus+ KA1 - Learning mobility of individuals [2014-2020]

Education and training: Capacity Building in Higher Education

The University of Coimbra is part of the Erasmus+ CAMINOS (Enhancing and Promoting Latin American Mobility) project, which aims to contribute to the deepening of the Latin American Higher Education Space by improving the capacity of universities, university associations and networks to enhance, promote and manage internal Latin American student and staff mobility.

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Category: Erasmus+ Capacity Building [2016-2019]

Education and training: Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education

The International Relations Unit of the University of Coimbra is a full partner of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership “REALISE” (Realising the potential of the international mobility of staff in higher education). This project aims at:

(1) Identifying and developing innovative practices regarding the implementation of the Erasmus+ programme for staff mobility;

(2) Fostering the recognition of mobility in the career development of academic, administrative and technical staff in HEIs;

(3) Raising institutional awareness about the added value of staff mobility and promoting its contribution to HEIs’ internationalization strategies.

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Category: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships [2016-2019]


Education and training: Erasmus Mundus Master and Doctorate Courses

Currently, UC is part of six Erasmus Mundus master courses and one doctorate in the fields of Philosophy, Psychology, Neurosciences, Ecology, Civil Engineering and Materials Engineering.

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Category: Erasmus Mundus Action 1 [2010-2017]

Education and training: Europe-Latin America-North Africa

Learn about the several Erasmus Mundus projects for international mobility and capacity building in which the International Relations Unit participates on behalf of UC.

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Category: Erasmus Mundus Action 2 [2009-2017]

Higher education promotion: Europe-Brazil relations

ALISIOS - Academic Link and Strategies for the Internationalisation of the HE Sector

ALISIOS was a project lead by UC aiming at creating better synergies between the political dialogue of the EU with Brazil and to stimulate the development of academic cooperation projects supported by European and Brazilian institutions.

Learn more about the project and its results in the ALISIOS website

Category: Erasmus Mundus Action 3 [2013-2015]