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Course Catalogue

List of international study programmes
Academic year 2014-2015

List of course units taught in English by Faculty:

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities [2014-2015]
  • Faculty of Economics [2014-2015]
  • Faculty of Law [2014-2015]
  • Faculty of Medicine [2014-2015]
  • Faculty of Pharmacy [2014-2015]
  • Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences [2014-2015]
  • Faculty of Sciences and Technology [2014-2015]
  • Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education [2014-2015]

List of degree programmes

Please note that the above link is an external link to the "Learning" portal of the University of Coimbra, where you can also find non-degree and distance learning programmes. Note also that some contents are not yet available in English.

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