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Portuguese Language Courses

Language of instruction

The majority of course units are conducted in Portuguese. Although there is a number of course units offered in English; and in some cases, exchange students make arrangements with lecturers in order to be allowed to do examinations or submit assignments in English (or in another language, if both parts know it). Modern Language studies are usually medium-taught (in Portuguese, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish or Italian).

The Faculty of Sciences and Technology usually offers complete master courses in English in the fields of Ecology, Cell Biology and Software Engineering; and a doctoral programme in the field of Information Technology.

Language requirements

As you can see from above it is very important that students have a good knowledge of the Portuguese language. Therefore, they are advised to attend the Intensive Language Preparation Course at the beginning of the months of September and February. The course may not be free of charge for exchange students.

The University of Coimbra organises also the Portuguese ERASMUS Intensive Language Courses (EILC).

Besides EILC, there will be a number of Portuguese Language and Culture Courses running at the Faculty of Letters at the beginning of each semester and during the year.

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