WAV 2017 URBY.Sense Workshop

Publication date: 09-06-2017 00:10

WAV 2017 Urbi.Sense Workshop

A workshop of the URBY.SENSE project will take place at Room B1, Departamento de Engenharia Informática, Polo 2 – UC, Coimbra, on June, 12, between  9:00 and 12:30, featuring the theme of autonomous vehicles.

Registrations (limited) may be done here

Contact: wav2017@dei.uc.pt


  • 9h30-09h45 Welcome

  • 09h45-10h45 Invited talks

  • 10h45-11h15 Coffee break

  • 11h15-11h30 AV technical, legal & ethical issues

  • 11h30-11h45 AV business models and opportunities

  • 11h45-12h15 AV Q&A session and research avenues

  • 12h15-12h30 Closing remarks