University of Coimbra wins first edition of EDP's "Bright Ideas Contest"

Publication date: 26-03-2008 17:39

Notícia de Pémio EDP Março2008

Two projects from students at the University of Coimbra received the first prize and an honourable distinction at the “Bright Ideas – Energy Efficiency Contest”, promoted by EDP to foster the increase of energy efficiency in the residential, services’ and industrial sectors.

The contest’s first prize, of 50,000 Euros, was awarded to the "E-Monitor – Energy Analysis and Monitoring System” project, developed by a group of final year students at the Faculty of Science and Technology’s Electronic and Computer Engineering course. This project makes it possible to obtain a good quantification of energy consumptions and of the variables associated to it, in order to improve the rational use of energy.

Another project stemming from the University of Coimbra, the "Pulse-Meter", also developed by students at the Electronic and Computer Engineering course, received an honourable distinction, worth 5,000 Euros. The "Pulse-Meter" works like a vehicle’s on-board computer, showing information concerning the estimated energy consumption.

The contest’s closing ceremony took place on 14 March, in Lisbon.

Fore more information (in PDF format) go to: http://www.uc.pt/media_uc/pr_0803/080314P1.pdf