Isabel Themido Prize awarded to faculty from the EfS Initiative

Publication date: 20-04-2011 23:46


Luís Neves, from the Leiria Polytechnic Institute, and faculty members of the Energy for Sustainability Initiative at the University of Coimbra Luís Dias (FEUC), Carlos Henggeler Antunes (DEEC-FCTUC) and António Gomes Martins (DEEC-FCTUC) received the Isabel Themido Prize at the opening session of the 15th Conference of the Portuguese Operations Research Society (APDIO) on April 18th in Coimbra.

The Isabel Themido Prize 2011, intended distinguish the best Operations Research paper published in 2009 or 2010 by a member of APDIO, was awarded to the paper “Structuring an MCDA model using SSM: A case study in Energy Efficiency”, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 199, No. 3, 834-845, 2009.