Energy for Sustainability Initiative | 10 Years 2006-16





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Ongoing Projects
CTB BASICS: CleanTechBlock – Sustainable Multi-functional Building Block Basics M-ERA.NET/FCT Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), CellMat Technologies S.L. (CMT), ADAI-LAETA2017-2019
URBANWINS: Urban metabolism accounts for building waste management innovative networks and strategies European Union – Horizon 2020 | Grant Agreement No. 690047 Cremona, Ecosistemi, IUAV, Ecoteca, RoGBC, ECOTIC, CTM, ICLEI EURO, UC, Chalmers, NOVA ID, GLOBAL INOV, Marraiafura, Citta Metropolitana diRoma, CEIFACOOP, Mun, Bucaresti, ENVIRON, CCIAA CREM, SABADELL, ISTAT, Manresa, Município de Leiria, Consorci Bages, SERI, CREE GMBH, Citta di Torino, LineaGestioni SRL 2016-2019
SABIOS: Sustainability assessment of bioenergy systems: a life cycle multi-criteria decision-support approach, including land use changeFEDER/FCT | PTDC/AAG-MAA/6234/2014 (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016765) UA, CIE- ADAI, INESCC2016-2019
WASHONE: Desenvolvimento de um sistema inovador sanitário interativo com alta performance de conforto, recuperação de resíduos e poupança de água FEDER/COMPETE 2020 | Projeto n.º 17461 ADAI 2016-2018
BIO2URBAN: Biodiesel blends for road vehicles in urban areasLAETA | LAETA-UID/EMS/50022IDMEC, INEGI, CIE- ADAI2016-2017
IMMO - Install, Monitor and Multi-OtimizationP2020/Centro 2020/ FEDER INESCC, ISA2015-17
Consulting in the Plan for the Promotion of End-Use EfficiencyEDPINESCC, ISR2016-18
Ren4EEnIEQ - Comprehensive BIM add-on tool for the improvement of energy efficiency and indoor environment quality in renovation of buildings FCT/Compete ADAI, INESCC, CiAUD, FA(UL), FMH (UL), UC, LAETA 2016-17
PCMs4BuildingsCompete/P2020/EU/FCTADAI, UC, LAETA, CIEPQPF, ISISE2016-19
SusCity - Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitionsFCT (MITP)INESCTEC, IST-ID, FCUL, idmec, LNEG, UC, UM, ADENE, edp distribuição, MIT, CML, IBM, iTds, R&D NESTER, NOVABASE2015-17
PAVENERGY – Pavement Energy Harvest SolutionsCentro 2020UC2016-19
TRAPHICP2020-PTDC/ECM-URB/3329/2014CITTA, ADAI, Univ. Aveiro, Univ. Combra, Univ.Porto2016-2018
CENTAUR – Cost Effective Neural Technique for Alleviation of Urban Flood RiskH2020Universidade de Sheffield, Universidade de Coimbra/Mare2015-

Concluded projects
BioHeavy - Extended “well-to-wheels” assessment of biodiesel for heavy transport vehiclesCOMPETE/QREN/EU/FCTADAI, INESCC, LAETA2012-16
INOVENERGY - Energy Efficiency on the Agro-Industrial SectorCompete/QREN/EUIPBC ,UBI, ISQ, IPB, ADAI, IPVC, IPP, AnimaForum
GerAPlanO - Automated generation of Floor plan designs with thermal performance optimizationCompete/QREN/EUUC, VisioArq, CiberBit, WSBP2014-15
EMSURE - Energy and Mobility for SUstainable REgionsMais Centro/QREN/EUADAI, CES, CGeo, CISUC, CICC, ITeCons, CIEC, CIEPQPF, GEMF, CMA-IMAR, INESCC, IPCDVS, ISR2013-15
Consulting in the Plan for the Promotion of End-Use EfficiencyEDPINESCC, ISR2015
Energy Box – Development and implementation of a demand-responsive energy management systemFCT / MIT-Portugal ProgramINESCC, IPCDVS, MIT2010-14
EcoDeep – Eco-efficiency and Eco-management in Agro-industryCOMPETE/QREN/EU/FCTIPC, IPCB, UA, ADAI, UTAD, IPB2011-13
3Es – Energy Efficient SchoolsTeixeira Duarte S.ATDGI S.A., ADAI, GEMF, INESCC2012-14
GALP-Fuels Implementation of methodologies to evaluate the performance of fuelsPetrogal, ADAI2012-14
GROUND-MED - Advanced ground source heat pump systems for heating and cooling in Mediterranean climateEU-FP7ISR2009-14
Improving Dwellings by Enhancing Actions on Labelling of the EPBDIDEAL EPBD - ECISR2008-11
BioTrans - Capturing Uncertainty in Biofuels for Transportation. Resolving Environmental Performance and Enabling Improved UseCOMPETE/QREN/EU/FCTADAI-LAETA, INESC, MIT2010-13
Consulting site ECO EDPEDPINESCC, ISR..
EESEVS - Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Electric Vehicle SystemsFCT / MIT-Portugal ProgramINESCC, ADAI, ISR, MIT2010-13
iTEAM – Integrated Transportation and Energy Activity-Based ModelFCT / MIT-Portugal ProgramFCTUC, IST, FEUP, MIT2009-12
Contribution of Thermal Active Mortars for Building Energy EfficiencyFCTUM, ITeCons, BASF, SM, SIVAL, UA2008-13
MODERN - MObility, Development and Energy use ReductioNCIVITAS PLUS programmeISR2009-13
PTDC/ENR/64971/2006 - Multiobjective Models for Energy Efficiency EvaluationFCTINESCC2007-10
SB – Sustainable Buildings, Development of a WeB-based Monitoring Tool for Energy Consumption and Indoor Environmental QualityQRENWSBP, ADAI2010-12
Thermal characterization of building elements using thermography – computational modeling and experimental approachFCTUC, ITeCons, FEUP2011-13