Workshop on Assessment methodologies – energy, mobility and other real world applications

WAM 2015 Program

The Detailed Scientific Programme containing the schedule of the parallel sessions with the names of the authors and titles of the papers is now available for download HERE(pdf)

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Keynote session: Eduardo Haddad, University of São Paulo | June 19, 02h15 pm


Title: "Structural Interdependence in Ex Ante Policy Assessment"

Keynote speaker: Eduardo Haddad, University of São Paulo

Abstract: There is a growing need for socioeconomic models for helping understanding the impacts of policies related to energy and mobility. This presentation illustrates the applications of some of the available tools for counterfactual analysis in the context of ex ante impact assessment of policies in systemic contexts. The most attractive feature of such modeling tools is that they enable us to think clearly about the likely implications of events for which there is no direct experience in the historical record.

Understanding impact means understanding the context in which an intervention takes place and the channels through which the impact on outcomes is expected to occur. I focus on the structural features of economic systems related to productive and spatial interdependence and heterogeneity using examples of real world applications.