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There are in the current market computational tools aimed to help architects in their design process. In fact computer-aided design programs (CAD) are sophisticated tools indispensable in today’s office or studio.

However, the initial design of alternative plans for the interior configuration of spaces is still a manual process (in the strict sense of non-automated procedure), basically a trial-and-error process that is far from exhausting all interesting solutions. The process is very time consuming, with significant operational cost, and does not allow the comparison of alternative designs.

The GerAPlanO project (Automatic Generation of Architecture Floor plans with Energy Optimization) is the response to these problems by implementing algorithms, which have already obtained promising results in academic context, for the automatic generation of a set of alternative plans, respecting the initial requirements and constraints imposed by the architect.

Determining the thermal performance of alternative interior space design configurations of the project is another issue that has not yet been given a satisfactory answer. The market has quite advanced dynamic simulation engines. However, these are not user friendly and fail to cope with the architect’s needs in such early design phase. This prevents from being used routinely to assess the energy efficiency and thermal performance of alternative solutions.

The project GerAPlanO aims to give response to this automated floor plan design generation with energy performance optimization.

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