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Msc Youth Sports Training


Manuel João Coelho e Silva, Ph.D.

António Figueiredo, Ph.D.

João Páscoa Pinheiro, Ph.D.

ObjectivesThe main objective of the course is that students know: a) the social role of sport, particularly, the infant-juvenile sport, identifying the mission of the various systems and subsystems, as well as of the main sports organisations; b) the fundamental periods of the life cycle, the biological transformations of the first two life decades, in straight connection with the process of acquisition and refinement of motor patterns and skills and the development of physical and motor capacities; c) the adaptive mechanisms of the body in response to training load, in particular, those of the body in the process of growing and maturation; d) how to analyse the human movement and the sports output and get acquainted with the theories of development and learning focused on optimisation performance in the long run; e) the psychological factors that influence sports output, namely personality, motivation, stress and anxiety; f) the factors of sports injury and the relations those factors establish with the structure and dynamics of the sports preparation process and with the individual characteristics of the young athlete; g) the fundamental methodologies and techniques of research necessary to plan and conduct research projects; h) the essential premises of the selection of talents in team sports and individual sports and its relation with the factor training.
Access to further studiesThe qualification gives access to further academic training, namely third cycle studies.
Admission Requirements

a) Holders of the licenciado degree or legal equivalent;

b) holders of a foreign academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State that has adhered to this Process;

c) holders of a foreign higher education academic degree that is recognized as meeting the objectives of the licenciado degree by the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education;

d) holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum vitae that is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education.

Numerus Clausus15
Duration2 Years
AddressEstádio Universitário de Coimbra Pavilhão III 3040-156 COIMBRA
3040-156 COIMBRA
Phone+ 351 239802770
Fax+ 351 239802779