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Professional Internships - ERASMUS

The Department of International Relations (DRI) ran for an Erasmus Consortium with the main goal of showing the potential of UC in opening doors to society including the cooperation with businesses and other employers.

The project has been extremely successful, awarded with 60 scholarships for the UC ERASMUS Placement. These placements refer to the ERASMUS academic component (curricular or extra-curricular) that a student performs in a "Company" located in another Member-Country. It can be accomplished by all students of UC, of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd School cycles. The minimum mobility time allowed is 3 months. The only thing that is required is the existence of a practical component, to be more specific, a student should elaborate a practical component of a doctoral thesis in a lab, a library, a university, or an entity that is available to accommodate.

In all countries the interest in this type of mobility has grown and one of the reasons is the fact that they can be organized in a very flexible way, especially since many choose to take them in stages during the holidays. Another factor of interest is that it is not necessary the existence of an identical programme unit in the curriculum of a student, because the academic recognition can, if desired, only appear in a Supplement Diploma.

The average scholarship is about € 2,600 for scholarships with the period of four months, value much higher than the average ERASMUS grant for studies.