Department of Earth Sciences

Services to the Public

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DCT faculty and researchers provide consulting services at the request of external entities or integrated into projects or consortia.

The Department, in addition to the scientific and technical competencies of teaching staff and the researchers, has laboratory resources, equipment for in situ testing and mobility capacity for field activities and studies.

Examples of usual areas of consultancy are geophysical reconnaissance applied to resource exploration or archaeological reconnaissance, geochemical analysis of stone, soil and water materials, conditions for exploration and transformation of geological resources, characterization of water bodies and their protection, characterization and behavioral analysis for rocks and other materials, geological and cultural heritage conservation and valorization, impact assessments and environmental restoration, suitability of land use applied to the planning, production of legal and regulatory instruments.

The DCT has responded to requests from, among others, National and Foreign Companies, Sovereign Organisms, Central and Regional Administration Organizations, Municipalities and Municipal Companies, Courts, Museums, Individuals.