Department of Earth Sciences

Laboratory Domain

ConsultingLaboratory DomainThematic Training

  • Planning of Geophysical Prospecting campaigns;
  • Collection, processing and interpretation of geophysical data;
  • Taxonomic determinations and high resolution biostratigraphic information;
  • Laboratory analysis on soils, rocks and aggregates;
  • Chemical analysis of trace elements in different materials (soils, waters, rocks, biological material, ores);
  • Mineralogical analyzes of panning concentrates;
  • Field surveys and sampling for contamination characterization;
  • Assessment of radon gas concentrations in the air of buildings (according to Dec. Lei nº 118/2013 and Port. nº 353-A / 2013);
  • Assessment of the potential for exposure to radon gas and external radiation on urbanization terrains or waste deposits;
  • Assessment of potential radon gas emanation in natural or man-made building materials;
  • Radiological analysis in thermal or drinking water in accordance with the provisions of Port nº 4859/2015.