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The  DEI | Department of Informatics Engineering is a modern school focused on today's and future challenges. Here, we discover and invent the future by teaching at an advanced level, by doing research in CISUC | Centre for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra and by promoting the rise of renowned spin-offs in close collaboration with IPN | Instituto Pedro Nunes.

The quality of our training is recognized by our alumni, many of which are working in prestigious worldwide companies. The success of our research and development projects shows our peers' recognition. The strength and prestige of the companies that emerged from DEI show our ability to attract the best.

Located in Coimbra, a city of human dimension, DEI is not only guided by the excellence in training and research, but also by a culture of dialogue, tolerance and cooperation among all members of our community. We form culturally and technically competent citizens that are aware of our time. This is our mission. Join us.