Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program

Academic Calendar 2016/2017

First Semester

Classes 12.09.201622.12.2016
Christmas Break22.12.201601.01.2017
Exams (Normal and Extra)03.01.201703.02.2017
Dissertation Public Defense or Similar (1º Semester)
Exams (Special, only for cycles of studies with odd number of semesters)
Second Semester/End of Academic YearStartEnd
Easter Break10.04.201717.04.2017
Queima das Fitas Break
Exams (Norma, Extra and Special)01.06.201728.07.2017
Delivery of Thesis Project Summary
Short Presentations *
Delivery of Final Thesis Project------------30.06.2017
Public Defense of Final Thesis Project01.06.201728.07.2017
Delivery of Final Thesis Project for EXTRA Defense Season------------05.09.2017
PhD Public Defenses and Aggregation
Public Defense of Final Thesis Project (EXTRA)06.09.201729.09.2017

*Short Presentations

This session is a collection of short talks where students present a small number of slides about what they are preparing for the Thesis Proposal. The presentation may be structured as follows:

1 - Title of the thesis, name of the candidate

2 - Motivation and research topic (why work on this topic?)

3 - Background (relevant information only)

4 - Research question(s) (what problem(s) will be considered?)

5 - Methodology (how to work towards a solution?)

6 - Expected results (what scientific contributions will be made?)

7 - Significance (why will the expected contributions be important?)

8 - Dissemination strategy (how is the work to be published?)

Up to 12 slides will be enough. Presentations must last no more than 13 minutes. There will be 7 minutes after each presentation for comments/questions.