Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program

Thesis Project WS

(Note: the program of the Thesis Project Workshop 2018 will be announced shortly)

Final Schedule

Wednesday, 03 May 2017

Room A5.4 (Library) - Department of Informatics Engineering - Polo II

Doctoral Programme CoordinationWelcome Session
09h45ACAdriana Costa LealTowards New Approaches For Epileptic Seizures Anticipation Through Neuro-Cardiovascular Information Fusion and Dynamic Classification Approaches
10h00ACAlexandra Maria Galvão RibeiroContributions to an Operational River Flood Forecast And Early Warning System
10h15ACJoaquim Pedro Bento Gonçalves Pratas LeitãoAdaptive Supervisory Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
10h30ACAli AghaeiradCredit Risk Models With Transfer Learning Approaches
10h45ACDiogo Barreiro NunesMultiparametric prediction with application to early detection of cardiovascular events
11h30ACNguyen Huu PhongDeep Learning for Object Detection in Video
11h45CMSPedro Miguel Marques PereiraDermoPleno – Diagnostic of Dermoscopy Melanoma Images with Plenoptic Imagery
12h00CMSSergio Miguel Martins RebeloNovel User Oriented Bottom-up Approaches for Graphic Design
12h15CMS/ACBruno Miguel Machado RochaAutomatic Analysis of Abnormal Respiratory Sounds

Lunch Break
14h15ECOSJoão Miguel Moreira de Carvalho Bráz SimõesAgent-based Model for Simulation of Angiogenesis in Adipose Tissue
14h30ISAdriano Del Pino LinoAutomatic evaluation of teaching and learning in educational environments
14h45ISStanley Ramalho LimaSoftware Defined Priority Algorithms
15h00LCTJoão Pedro Menoita HenriquesAudit Compliance and Forensics Frameworks for Improved Critical Infrastructure Protection
15h15LCTMiguel Cecílio da SilvaSecurity and Process Monitoring Approaches for Large-Scale IACS
16h00LCTNgombo ArmandoModels for the Integration of Virtual and Physical Sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT)
16h15LCTPaulo Miguel Guimarães da SilvaAuthentication and Privacy in Cloud Computing
16h30LCTPedro Miguel Faria BorgesHybrid Intrusion Detection System for Android in BYOD Environments
16h45LCTVitor Manuel Garcia do Nascimento GravetoEvolving Monitoring Approaches for Cyber-Physical Systems
17h00SSEJaime Filipe Carvalho Pereira CorreiaAutomated Instrumentation for Large-scale Distributed Tracing

Doctoral Programme  Coordinator

Closing Session