Master Degrees

Master of Software Engineering

The CMU-UC Master Program of Software Engineering is a dual degree offered by Carnegie Mellon in conjunction with the University of Coimbra in Portugal. Students enroll at the University of Coimbra and take three semesters at the UC campus (in the Department of Informatics Engineering) and one semester in the CMU campus. All courses and courses material were designed by the CMU's highly-regarded School of Computer Science (SCS), the Institute for Software Research (ISR), and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).
The goal of the program is to develop leaders of industrial software engineering practice - the future chief engineers, head designers, principal technical officers of their companies. Graduates of this joint CMU-UC MSE Program will understand and be competent in applying the best of current practice, and will serve as agents of change to improve that practice as the field evolves.

The program is offered as a double degree. Students will receive a diploma from the University of Coimbra as well as the corresponding diploma from the Carnegie Mellon University. This is possible because both courses are offered together synchronously, with the same quality criteria and admission requirements.

All information at http://mse.dei.uc.pt

Course Coordinator

Paulo Marques

Paulo Marques