Department of Chemical Engineering

Employment Opportunities

The Chemical Engineer graduated by FCTUC has a multidiscilinary and versatile training, not confined to the traditional chemical industry (where his/her intervention can range from design to production, environmental management, quality control, marketing and sales), being also able to respond effectively to a whole new range of requests in areas such as environment, energy, biorefineries, biotechnology and new materials.

  • Chemical industries: cellulose, paper, ceramics and glass, cements, petroleum refining, petrochemistry, biorefineries, plastics, detergents, paints, textiles;
  • Environment and Energy: domestic and industrial effluents treatment, biofuels, waste recovery, industrial ecology;
  • Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biotech, biomedical, food and agrifood industries;
  • Quality Engineering;
  • Industrial and environmental consulting and licensing;
  • Scientific research and teaching;
  • Public administration: ministries, central and regional administration.