Faculty of Pharmacy


The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Coimbra began in February 2009 a process of relocation which represented the corollary of recognizing quality and excellence. 

The new facilities at the Healthcare Sciences Campus are integrated in one of the biggest, more complex and diversified European Services in the Healthcare area. 

Spread across three new buildings (see gallery), which are interconnected, the new facilities were built in compliance with the highest standards of quality and demand. Blending in with its surroundings, the new facilities were designed to provide the best resources and comfort to everyone that will use them to study, work and research.

  • The Healthcare Sciences Library building, also in use since February 2009, provides assistance not only to the Faculties of Pharmacy and Medicine but also to other diverse institutions and professionals. It is endowed with an innovative management system and resources that turn it into a reference in its area of intervention.
  • The new building of the Faculty is intended for teaching, research and providing services. It congregates all the areas of knowledge within the Healthcare Sciences and, in particular, the Pharmaceutical Sciences from its learning and know-how to the highest level of studies and research. 
  • third building, known as central unit, gathers the management bodies, student office, postgraduate office and other services.