Faculty of Pharmacy

History of the Faculty

In 1921 the University of Coimbra had for the first time a Faculty of Pharmacy. In1932 the institution returned to its old statute of School of Pharmacy and, finally, in1968 the Faculty title was restored. The same happened in Lisbon. At the School of Pharmacy it was only possible to get a bachelor degree whereas as a Faculty all academics degrees were granted.

In 1978, the Pharmacy Faculties’ in Coimbra, Lisbon and Porto were reformed and the course was divided in three branches of education: Hospital and Dispensary Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy and Chemical and Biological Analysis. This situation was modified in 1988 following European regulations that suggested the creation of a single Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

It is based on this track record that the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Coimbra implements its courses today. 

Offering an academic training that follows the standards of excellence in a domain where the number of courses in pharmaceutical sciences has been growing, the FFUC incorporates the strengths and prestige of a centuries-old institution to the plurality of a modern education.