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Dean’s message

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities faces great challenges. This situation is an oportunity to perform reforms, which preserves our identity and noble past, but that can also adapt our faculty to a world of constant and accelarate change.

With the participation of all in this Faculty, including the ones who teach, research, study,and work, and supported by a culture of excellence we are reachable to find creative sollutions that attracts those who look out for us, knowing that we face five major priorities:

- to value the decisive role of Humanities and Arts on the contemporary world.

- to make the best out of the privileged position of being one of the oldest universities in the world, as the UNESCO recognised, in order to take advantage of the material and imaterial value of the portuguese language and culture (…)

- to reformulate the academic offer, adapting it to the specializations and qualities of the teaching staff, as to the new demands that we find nowadays.

- to develop relations with the Research Centers, powering connections that improve the study and research conditions, allowing us to renew knowledge and globalize our activities.

- to follow and set the integration process of our graduate students in the business market.

I trust, that with a right path and the commitment of all, we will overtake the challenges and create a better Faculty.

José Pedro Paiva